Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains 

Mount Victoria is a sleeeeepy sleepy town in the blue mountains, a couple of hours drive outside of Sydney. We went to stay there for a couple of days on a really good groupon deal (highly advise checking it out), where we stayed at Cedar Lodge Cabins for next to nothing. We arrived on a Monday, only to find that nothing was open. Reminiscent of English or Welsh countryside towns were everything stops in down season, the town is quiet but quaint.  We went on a couple of hikes – to Mount Piddington (great name) and the famous Wentworth falls….

The Grounds, Alexandria. Flowers, food and lots of photos. 

I’d been lusting after this place ever since some photos popped up on Instagram. Blue skies, flower galore, and food in abundance – The Grounds is a place of dreams. We went on a Saturday with 8 of our housemates and it was chaos to say the least. So so so busy, we were running around trying to take it all in and avoid the hoards of people. That being said, we managed to get a table in the restaurant pretty sharpish. The food was nice and the company even better. But if you do go to visit I’d say…

Botanicals and the Blue Gum Walk

Who doesn’t love a nice walk on a Sunday? Especially when it’s in the Australian bushland, which turns out to be just an hours train ride from Sydney city centre. Meet Hornsby, where we began the Blue Gum Walk. Also featured: a couple of flowers in the Botanical Gardens (what more do you expect?) and a sneaky floral from Watson’s bay.

Pastel buildings, Colombia

Pastel houses and balconies of dreams

Wandering the streets and looking up from my phone is a fave activity of mine. I’m really into these colour palletes – dreamy pastels with 70’s vibes and flowers growing wild out of balconies. Below is a nice little selection of beautiful houses, balconies, flowers, colours that caught my eye whilst I’ve been travelling. Must.Stop.Taking.So.Many.Photos. But somethings are just too lovely not to document. Houses from… Cartegena (Colombia), Caye Caulker (Belize), Copan (Honduras), and Newtown (Current residence, Sydney).