Pastel buildings, Colombia

Pastel houses and balconies of dreams

Wandering the streets and looking up from my phone is a fave activity of mine. I’m really into these colour palletes – dreamy pastels with 70’s vibes and flowers growing wild out of balconies. Below is a nice little selection of beautiful houses, balconies, flowers, colours that caught my eye whilst I’ve been travelling. Must.Stop.Taking.So.Many.Photos. But somethings are just too lovely not to document. Houses from… Cartegena (Colombia), Caye Caulker (Belize), Copan (Honduras), and Newtown (Current residence, Sydney).  

A vintage geometric skirt

Aloha! I recently found this skirt in a pile of clothes my mum had found at the back of her wardrobe. This has been around for at least as long as I’ve been alive and probably longer. My mum was a tiny human being when she owned this – clearly because it was SO SMALL and I could only just fit it around my waist. But I budged the buttons along a bit and voila – it is wearable. More than wearable, I love it!

5 tips to dealing with criticism

It can be exhausting. Whether it be from colleagues, parents, clients, teachers, etc etc; it’s important to be able to take it and not let it get you down or get in your way. I’m a bit of a sensitive person, I take offense to the slightest raised voice or blunt tone, and I can go right back in to my shell if I think someone is annoyed at me. I’ve always done things to the best of my ability, managed to do well in both school and college; therefore I was lucky that I received praise often. University is…