Blue Whale / Hello Instagram

Whale of a time .PNG

Here’s a little blue whale to brighten your Tuesday!

I decided to take the plunge and create a kind of daily drawing/art diary on Instagram. What’s difficult about this I think, is keeping your eye on your own goals and not getting caught up in the social media storm.

For example… my goal and reason for doing this, is to make sure I draw every day. I want to improve, experiment, and be part of a community – and Instagram I believe is a good way to do this.

The challenge is to focus on the art itself, and not on the amount of likes or followers the account has. This is more for myself than anyone else, and if I can share it with people who enjoy it, that’s a plus side.

It’s early days, but I’m digging it so far.

If you do want to follow me, here I am! 

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