Welcome to the bad luck club 

Little lupin bad luck club

So, I’m a superstitious person, yes that’s true. BUT I had not realised the actual power of a broken mirror. I’m now low key freaked out.

Last sunday, I shut my window which had a mirror balancing on the ledge, and it fell and broke much to my dismay (seriously, that little mirror has travelled 12 countries and countless festivals with me). Oh no! 7 years bad luck! My boyfriend laughed it off, little did he know…

Fast forward a week later and there’s been a few mishaps. They say bad luck comes in threes. Well…

little lupin car photo
    1. The car broke down on the way to the great ocean road. It 100% died. On the motorway somewhere random an hour away from Melbourne. We managed to get it to a train station, but of course the train was a coach replacement, and of course it was late, and of course it took twice as long.
    2. I had a beautiful job in a hip little cafe in Fitzroy. They haven’t been that busy though, and therefore I lost that beautiful job. Bye free coffee, bye kimchi pancakes (sob).
    3. To put the icing on the cake… I found a new job working on an apple farm through a lovely friend. I work up yesterday with a swollen face the size of china because I’m allergic to my new job on the apple farm.

little lupin train track

And so.


JOY. All about that PMA though (see prev. post). You’ve got to laugh, or else you’d cry (sobs into cup of tea after dropping a biscuit in it).


Also, I’m not listening to any of the inspirational quotes that say ‘you make your own luck’, or any of that crap. I’m sticking my middle finger up to luck, accepting it’s been a bad week for it, and I’m carrying on.

2017, A job to write about, and some nice photos

Hello world and HELLOOOOO 2017, how are ya you shiny little thing. (It’s now February, and I wrote this in Jan but I’m lazy, so lets just pretend).


Little Lupin converse photoG


So 2016, despite bringing the Earth some (well a lot) of horrors, was a hell of a year for me. I climbed Machu Picchu, travelled a whole lot, lived (still do) in Australia, did some volunteering, learnt some Spanish, decided to be Vegetarian.. the list could go on.


Little lupin photo 2.jpg


It was a fab year for all of those reasons, but also a hard one for all those reasons. Being away from home for the whole of 2016 made me sad a lot of the time, but I’m turning that into positive experience of appreciating my family, my friends, and the familiarity of home so much more.


Little lupin brighton


So I feel like I’m coming into 2017 a bit different than last year, and I’m into that.
There’s been a few thoughts flying round my head during these first weeks of January, (see, now it’s Feb. sorry.) and as with a new year comes a new mindset (naturally) so I want to jot it down so it makes more sense.


little lupin photo 3


I’d like to share one part of my career life which is really going my way – which is being a copywriter for the wonderful Shae Maree. I’ve written some copy for Shae’s website, and more recently been writing for the blog (which you can read here). And I love it. Such a great tone of voice that I can get down with, topics I’m super interested in, and a vision I can get involved in. Plus, writing is my jam. Go check out Shae’s beautiful creations that are often made from recycled materials, it’s a boho dream world.


little lupin photo 4


I’m also doing some other bits and bobs. Sometimes it feels like I really haven’t got my shit together. Sometimes it feels like the world’s my oyster. But in 2017 I’m all about that Positive Metal Attitude. It’s all gonna be grand. Keep working hard, keep hustling, keep being happy.

Goose Fair in Nottingham

Goose Fair is a tradition in Nottingham that I’ve been going to ever since I can remember. The first weekend of October brings… autumn leaves falling from the trees, cold weather, wrapping up in scarves and hats and gloves, hot cups of tea and… the fair!

This year I went with my family including my 6 year old sister, which made it all the more magical. When we were younger the fair seemed the size of the city and as high as mountains. Never ending lights, screams of joy, smells, lovely food, dark but enchanting… when we’re older it definately seems smaller (because we are bigger?!), full of weirdos if I’m honest… but it still has the same nostalgic pull (and I still love it).

This time was also particularly nice for me as it’ll be the last time I go for a while, with my travels looming (3 weeks!!!). We ate mushy peas and mint sauce and peanut brittle (not all at once). Walked around in the cold for hours, went on some sketchy rides… and it was still really great at age 24.

Goose fair photo

TilePorn in Poole

I’ve recently become obsessed with ihavethisthingwithfloors instagram, after a friend recommended it to me. You know when someone says, ‘you’ll like this’ and you’re normally like yeaaaaah sure. But then occasionally you absolutely LOVE it and think wow they know me. Well that happened, so thank you that guy.

ANYWAY I haven’t come across any worthy floors yet. However I do love old-style designed tiles, which many of these floors contain. The best I’ve come across yet is these little tiles on the side of Poole Harbour.

Blue tiles Poole Blue tiles Poole 2

Pretty, huh? Now when can these be on my floor for my eyes to feast on all the time?…

Back to blogging



Turns out that final year of university is hard. Maybe I’ve pushed myself too far in the first term, I have been trying to do EVERYTHING. I joined the gym, worked 4 jobs, said yes to almost everything, alongside going to lectures and seminars, group work, deadlines, trying to have a social life as well. Turns out I left myself no time to do things I enjoyed doing separately from University – like this.

So back to blogging I go. I realised I have no proper theme to this blog – it is literally a collection of things I feel like doing at the time. It’s no longer the portfolio I wished it to be in the beginning, nor is it the cool style blog I’d always like to have. To tell the truth it takes too much time to keep it up, so I’m accepting it may be erratic, and whoever is reading it, be prepared for that. I hope it is however interesting to some people.

Anyhow, there’s been some interesting occurrences in my life in the past few months. I’ve kept up a freelance career – copywriting for both an energy company and doing some work for uni’s marketing material – good. I did some good work in a creative module – good. I visited Fallon for an event regarding getting into advertising – also good. I’m still not certain what I want to do but that is fine, I just know I want it to be creative.

My new years resolution is to make more of an effort to do interesting things outside of uni and making money. Here can be an outlet for them.


So hello to 2014!

Hair of the day

I’d never thought my hair was easy enough to wear it in a milkmaid braid. I was wrong!!

Channeling my inner Scandinavian today, this hairstyle has been so easy I can see myself wearing it every day now.

I just plaited my hair, then pulled either side up to the top of my head and gripped the ends into my hair, so they overlapped and formed a crown. Simpleeeeee.

My hair is very thick and I didn’t know if it would hold in place with a few Kirby grips but it has. Try it!


*i have just realised I really need to calm down on my use of exclamation marks. Apologies! (Oh god)

Interrailing in Europe – an overview

I just got back from the trip of a lifetime – travelling 5 weeks around Europe.

Our journey started in Amsterdam and ended in Dubrovnik, and consisted of a lot of travelling. We got a 3 week interrailing pass (10 travel days in 21 days) and for the rest of the trip we relied on buses to take us to the next destination.

interrailing map rtrf

There were quite a few things I expected, and quite a few I didn’t. So here’s a run down of Eastern Europe  in case you’re planning on taking a similar trip! The Croatian leg needs a separate blog post I’m sure.

Our itinerary looked like this: Amsterdam>Brussels>Cologne>Berlin>Wroclaw>Krakow>Budapest>Ljublijana>Bled>Zagreb>Zadar>Split>Brac>Dubrovnik

All in all we visited some amazing places and learnt alot history wise- there are many good museums and exhibitions to visit across Europe which may teach you some things you didn’t know about European history; and some are good just for the experience.

amsterdam rtrf

Amsterdam – we stayed with a friend here so she knew the ins and outs, without her we would have been lost! Obviously we took a wander around the red light district (weird) and went to a coffee shop (weird) but the biggest thing about Amsterdam is the beauty of the city – it really is gorgeous. Overrun with bikes and canals, watch where you’re going. Get a ferry aross to the other side of the city too- it’s bigger than you think.

brussels rtrf


We didn’t love Brussels if I’m honest, however there is some spectacular architecture in the city and I’m sure if we had stayed somewhere better it might have been a different experience.

colgne rtrf


There is a huge cathedral in Cologne right next to the train station – you can’t miss it and it’s the highlight of the city. We found on Sunday evening there was a salsa class going on on the bridge which connects to the chocolate museum – and I love Europe for random things like that.

berlin rtrf


An obvious one. There is loads to do and see in Berlin. The highlight for me was The Jewish Museum:  a museum with a difference. The architecture of the building is created in such a way to make you ‘feel’ how the Jews did in the war – disorientated. Build in 3 axis, each vcorridor has an art installation at the end to encompass the feeling of the axis. I’d definitely recommend it, and I have done to everyone!

wroclaw rtrf


Actually pronounced ‘vratswaf’ – be aware of this, as we weren’t! A nice little town where you can take a day following the gnomes around the city on a map. We stayes at ‘Grampa’s Hostel’ – SUPER cheap and clean and all round amazing. We got a night train from Berlin to Wroclaw and arrived at 5am in a dark and rainy Poland; after 12 hours on the horror trainw e weren’t best pleased. The walk to the hostel was equally as grim as was the building… but when we opened the door it was gorgeous. They let us check in at 6am and sleep which is a rarety – and that night we got very drunk with an irish guy and 80p shots. Lovely.



One of my favourite cities. Poland may not be known to be beautiful (or so I thought) but it really was, and I defiantly want to go again. An trip to Auschwitz took up one day for us, but we ended up staying longer just so we could do more wandering around the city. The nightlife is great too.



Unfortunately our budget didn;t let us visit the baths which is a shame as I’ve heard they were amazing. One thing I would recommend in Budapest is The Terror House – in my opinion this was the most eye opening of all of the museums we visited depicting WW2. An eerie atmosphere but you can learn alot here about when the soviets occupied Hungary.



Pronounced ‘lubliana’, again good to know! Absolutely beautiful city again. Mostly all sightseeing can be done in a day, go up the funicular railway and then walk back down – amazing.

bled rtrf

Lake Bled

My all out favourite place ever, GO HERE. Lake Bled is situated in the small town of Bled in the middle of the mountains. All I can say about here is that everywhere I went I wanted to take a photo as it was so picturesque. You can swim in the freshwater lake and get a boat to the monastery on a little island in the middle. It was really hot when we were there, many travellers and an all round good chilled out atmosphere.


As for interrailing, expect long trains that will not always have seats available, but otherwise it is a great way to get around. We found a lot of young people doing very similar routes to us, so we met a lot of great people in hostels. If you take an iPhone/iPad/anything internet related, download the hostelworld app and book a couple of days ahead, we found this worked fine for us and gave us some flexibility!


I could write a 10 page post on all things to do and recommendations and tips but I doubt anyone would read it.. so if you are planning on going to any of these places then give me a shout… 🙂

My life in pictures: May

What a month. I finished placement – hurrah! Started a new marketing job – hurrah! Interrailing in one month – hurrah!!

So I had pink hair.

But that didn’t last too long. Back to blonde now, it kept washing out… but fun for a bit.

My rose bush grew it’s first bud. What a beaut.


I got a new tattoo, finally.

A feather to remind me to be free, when it seems like I can’t be.


It look darker here than it is now! All healed and gorgeous.

I went to Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham on Sunday. I’d highly recommend it. We managed to catch (and meet!) Swim Deep, Dry The River and The 1975 to name a few.

Alongside a hilarious/brilliant band called Arse Full of Chips, and Misty Miller (below) who is a babe and I’m a long time fan of.


And I started reading Trainspotting. A big fan.


It’s been a good month.

FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out

Today, I bought myself some flowers. Anyway.


I recently read a blog post here on life without Facebook, and here about Facebook & Smartphone user habits, and it got me thinking, not in a good way.

I really am a social media junkie and I both hate it and love it. The thing is with social media, it’s all the instant gratification we need in this world to make our little heads bigger and our little hearts weaker. When I’m bored, I’m scrolling Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram looking for something interesting to take up my time (being honest, I rarely find anything worthwhile). Whilst sometimes it provides me with inspiration, other days it just makes me feel fed up.

I spend time both on my own and with my friends Facebook stalking (now I know you do it too) people I haven’t seen in years, to see what they’re up to. Facebook distracts me from being productive. I check it in the morning. I’ve seen people delete their statuses if they don’t get many likes, and posting it on Twitter instead. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

It’s simple human nature – we all want to be loved, we all want to be liked, we all want to look more interesting and essentially cooler than the next person. ‘Hey, I’m here doing this and it’s really fun.’ The worst thing is, people posting multiple FB statuses when they’re on Holiday – Chill. Out. I have one Facebook friend (loosely speaking) that has been known to post 5 statuses in one day about the same thing. Do you really think everyone needs to know, that many times, that you are going home for Easter?

I know this looks like a rant, and to an extent is it. I am guilty – posting a status, or a photo on Instagram, or a tweet, or a blog post (cough) that gets likes from other people makes you feel better. I’m not talking about soppy/attention seeking things, I’ve got no time for that. However if you’ve genuinely got something interesting to say, why not say it?

What I’m trying to say here is that the Fear Of Missing Out should not be greater than the fear of doing. If you didn’t log on to Facebook for one day, the world will not end. You will not have missed out on anything significant, because surely your real friends have your phone number, and would ring you if it really was that important. Social media is a big part of my job, and many days I feel I can’t switch off. Today needs to be one of those days.

My 4 year old sister can use my iPhone better than I can, and I dread to think how many social media platforms there will be when she is my age. The internet has made self expression available to the masses, with 7? 8? billion people on Earth, how much of that content is really worthwhile? hypocritical, I know.

Anyway. Go outside, read a book, talk to someone, find somewhere that doesn’t contain a screen and do something, instead of reading about other people doing something.