My week in pictures

My mum did this plait across my head, and I loved it. Great for hungover, haven’t seen a brush in days hair.

_DSC0400 _DSC0401 _DSC0402

I ordered this choker from ebay for £2.99, which I also love. Very 90s baby.


And also, I drew on some mugs with a sharpie and baked them in an oven for work. Very fun. Christmas is coming!


What’s the time?

I’ve got a new watch.

I’ve had about 27 watches in my lifetime, and none of them were quite right. It’s a big problem. That problem is now SOLVED with a big huge hurrah thank you to Olivia Burton. You are the watch makers of dreams (in my mind).

I’ve had silver antique style ones, square ones, a retro casio, a gold one and a few charity shop ones amongst my watch collection; but I always felt that they didn’t always match my outfits. Or they made my arm look fat (such a girl). Or they slipped up and down my wrist, or they were too tight, or the face was too small, too big…. this list goes on.

At the end of the day you wear a watch every day, and it tell you the time – which is an important job; so it has to be a safe investment, like a polite friend who is always by your side to remind you to get a move on, or you’ve got 5 more minutes to relax.

Anyway, I’ve found that friend I can put my trust in. Olivia Burton watches are just the right size face, with a quality leather strap. It fit’s my wrist, and it never sends it green. Simple yet effective, a touch of vintage, a touch of class. Happy lady. You can see more here. Mine was the rose gold big dial with the black strap, which you can see here. I wear a lot of silver jewellery, so I was worried the gold would be a problem, but it’s very subtle so no problems there.

Now, what’s the time…?

olivia burton watch

Midi ring love

I’d been after some midi rings for so long but all real silver ones seem so expensive. I always thought how could it be so expensive for such a small thing??

I have found a solution! These came today from Regal Rose, and they are beautiful. And I got the two for £8.50 from their eBay shop – amazing.

They are both chevron, but you can wear it sideways so it looks like a plain band. Two in one!

A vintage geometric skirt


I recently found this skirt in a pile of clothes my mum had found at the back of her wardrobe. This has been around for at least as long as I’ve been alive and probably longer.

My mum was a tiny human being when she owned this – clearly because it was SO SMALL and I could only just fit it around my waist. But I budged the buttons along a bit and voila – it is wearable. More than wearable, I love it!

rtrf skirt _DSC1905 _DSC1908

A busy girl’s lipstick review: Don’t break the bank. Collection 2000 Lasting Colour

As a student/intern I need my budget to stretch far. And whilst I’d love to fortify food in order to have new clothes and posh makeup, it really isn’t feasible. I’m hungry.


busy girls lipstick review collection 2000    busy girls lipstick review collection 2000

So I am sharing this review because it really is a brilliant buy. This lipstick is my go to, favourite of all time (so far) red. Mainly because it is a STEAL money wise, but also it’s a true red and it stays on. All day. It isn’t a luxurious, premium lipstick, but it really is amazing. I once fell asleep after a night out without removing (naughty) and when I woke up my lipstick was still perfectly on. AWESOME. It’s an award winner for a reason.

What is it?

How is the application?

This lipstick is both thick and smooth, but has a tendency to get everywhere if you don’t apply it properly. So I use a lip liner, and then apply the lipstick using a lip brush. When it has been set/blotted, apply again from the bullet. Voila! Not a sweep and go lippy but worth the effort.

From 9-5

IMG_3598busy girls lipstick review collection 2000

This wasn’t reapplied at all. I was at work in an office all day, I ate and I drank and I chatted – and it stayed true! Amazing. However it does have a tendency to rub off on things – mugs/teeth at the beginning. So keep an eye out for that, or just blot well enough.

End of the day



On this occasion it was unnecessary – but if you do need to reapply it’s easy to do. Just ensure that you blot it enough so that it doesn’t rub off again.


  • 8/10
  • Pros: I’ve already expressed my love for this. It doesn’t dry your lips out, the pigment is a lovely deep red (not too bright), it lasts all day and it is cheap!
  • Cons: It does rub off and whilst this doesn’t diminish the colour on your lips, it can get everywhere if you touch your face a lot. So just make sure that you are careful and don’t go rubbing your lips on any white collars.

Buy this! You won’t regret it. If red isn’t for you, there are some lovely shades of pink too. 🙂

Spontaneous Pastel Hair


So the last few weeks have been quite mental. I’m finishing my internship in 2 days, managed to secure myself two jobs (one of which I’m planning to quit, night shifts are not for me) and for some reason I spontaneously decided to dye my hair pink.

I’m easily bored. The spontaneous and tenacious parts of my personality (as recently described by my boss) both feed me and hand me my downfall. As any creatively brained person may understand, my need to keep busy, change often, do something new and challenging everyday; is a great way to live but it can also be tiring. The tiredness comes and I’ll have a rest period, then I’ll get frustrated with boredom and end up doing something spontaneous without thinking too much about it – like bleaching my hair to make it pink.

I loooove the pastel hair trend, and I’ve dreamed dreams of candyfloss, lilac and baby blue hair mixed with glitter many a day. However to achieve it really isn’t that easy.

So I had dark red/brown hair beforehand, however the ends were abit lighter from a previous dip-dye escapade.

I used these dyes: Image

These were both purchased from tesco, however you can probably get them in most department/beauty stores.

Now a serious note – the Bblonde hair lightener does NOT contain enough mixture for anyone with a fair amount of hair. I used one whole pack on my roots only (!!!) and I then had to walk around with orange hair for a day before I bought 4 more bleach sachets and a bottle of peroxide. What. A Disaster.

I have shoulder length hair but it is very thick – in the end i used the equivalent of 4 of these lightening packs to bleach all of my hair. Be warned.

All of my hair didn’t lighten to the colour preferred. I had white roots where it had dyed virgin hair, a slightly orange halo after that, then blonde where there was existing bleach from before on the ends. So all in all it wasn’t a complete success.

Next step, pink. With the pink dye, I mixed around 3/4 of the pink creme dye into a whole bottle of cheap conditioner and mixed it together. This you can then keep to top up your hair as the pink fades.

All in all the result wasn’t bad – I’ve still got a yellow tint and my hair is more apricot coloured! However I’m armed with a toner, silver shampoo, and a deep conditioning mask (which I’d advise to keep your hair as un-straw like as possible!)

Here is the final result…


Blood, sweat and many tears went into this… however after a few washes it is looking more pastelly and pink than ever. 🙂

Summer, Festival & Holiday Beauty

I’ve been trawling the internet and thought I would share some beauty inspiration for summer & festivals. You’re welcome.

A collection of glitter, hair chalk, face paint, and flowers in my hair is what I’m going with, adding a little bit of 60s/hippy into there too…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Whether you’re going all the way to Coachella (jealous), a muddy Glastonbury in the UK (jealous) or even to Ibiza (jealous) I’m pretty sure these beauty ideas will get you by sparkling.

I myself will (fingers crossed) be making an appearence at Rock Wercher and Bestival this year, and hopefully away to a sunny place somewhere where glitter is allowed all day every day.

A busy girls lipstick review: Revlon Matte

So I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but it’s better late than never! A bit of a difference to red, a nice nude/light pink lipstick that’s good for daytime wear or nightime w/ smokey eye. Yum.

revlon lipstick review


What is it?

lip 3

How is the application?

  • Very easy to applicate, almost like a lipbalm. As the colour is so light, a few coats can be applied however it is more a thick than thin texture.

From 9-5:

lip 2 lip

  • This has staying power baby! If anything, this lipstick looks better after a few hours. However it does need reapplying quite often to keep the pigment strong – this felt so much like a lipbalm that I kept rubbing my lips together, which isn’t a bad thing. However since it isn’t a bright colour, it’s easier to forget to reapply as it’s not as noticeable.

End of the day:


  • Looking a bit feeble and un-noticable now, but I hadn’t reapplied in a while. The key to this lippy is to keep applying it to keep the pigment true.


  • Lovely, easy, one swipe and we’re go.


  • 7/10
  • Pros: Very moisturising! This felt like it was doing my lips good, and they didn’t feel dried out at the end of the day. Also there is little to no bleed, and it stays on your LIPS instead of things like glasses, clothes, other people’s lips (depending on what you’re doing).
  • Cons: I felt the pigment could have been stronger, a bit pinker.

If you’re looking for a nude/pink that is flattering and easy to wear, I’d definately go for this. The Revlon Matte range itself is awesome and they have a good red & coral that I am a proud owner of too.