Goose Fair in Nottingham

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Goose Fair is a tradition in Nottingham that I’ve been going to ever since I can remember. The first weekend of October brings… autumn leaves falling from the trees, cold weather, wrapping up in scarves and hats and gloves, hot cups of tea and… the fair!

This year I went with my family including my 6 year old sister, which made it all the more magical. When we were younger the fair seemed the size of the city and as high as mountains. Never ending lights, screams of joy, smells, lovely food, dark but enchanting… when we’re older it definately seems smaller (because we are bigger?!), full of weirdos if I’m honest… but it still has the same nostalgic pull (and I still love it).

This time was also particularly nice for me as it’ll be the last time I go for a while, with my travels looming (3 weeks!!!). We ate mushy peas and mint sauce and peanut brittle (not all at once). Walked around in the cold for hours, went on some sketchy rides… and it was still really great at age 24.

Goose fair photo

Winter Garden


These days when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a screen. I want to read, I want to write, I want to paint, I want to do anything that is paper based and feels real – but that’s how I stay sane as my job means looking at a PC all day. This also means that I take so many photos that never make it onto my laptop, or they do – then they sit there unedited gathering dust for weeks as I can’t face a computer screen in my spare time. Which is sad, as this is what I enjoy doing. This sunday evening I made time. Here are some photos I took in my garden back when it was light past 5pm.Flowers 7Flowers 5Flowers 9Flowers 1Flowers 4Flowers 6Flowers 10 Flowers 8Pegs Flowers 2Flowers 3

rough travel prague

When in Prague

Photo, Trials & Tribulations

rough travel pragueI recently took a little trip with my boyfriend to Prague. It was an Easyjet deal, fairly cheap and we only got 2 full days – but it was defiantely worth it.

_DSC1383 (1) _DSC1411_DSC1515 _DSC1435 _DSC1376_DSC1381 (1)


WE STAYED: In a hotel that goes by the name of PRAGA 1. Although the tripadvisor reviews were all good, we were a little disappointed. The room had 2 singles together instead of a double (and I kept getting vertigo in the night as the bed was uneven!) However despite the hotel being a little drab, the location was PERFECT. Everything was in walking distance and breakfast was lovely.

WE VISITED: Charles bridge, we walked around both the old and the new town, went to both the toy museum and the national museum. Prague is a city full of beautiful architecture and history, and theres chance to learn about the Austia-Hungary/Chezch independance at the naitional history museum – which I would highly recommend.

WE DRANK: So much beer. Beer is cheap in prague, at 300-400 Kronas a pint, which is around £1/£1.50. I’m not a massive fan of beer, however I discovered a bizzare beer cocktail by the name of Diesel, which is actually beer and coke. It was GREAT. And we spent many hours in a pub by the name of Hoppollaaa … good for bohemian styling and 90s techno music – a strange mix but it definately worked.


Also a great place for photography!