2017, A job to write about, and some nice photos

Hello world and HELLOOOOO 2017, how are ya you shiny little thing. (It’s now February, and I wrote this in Jan but I’m lazy, so lets just pretend).


Little Lupin converse photoG


So 2016, despite bringing the Earth some (well a lot) of horrors, was a hell of a year for me. I climbed Machu Picchu, travelled a whole lot, lived (still do) in Australia, did some volunteering, learnt some Spanish, decided to be Vegetarian.. the list could go on.


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It was a fab year for all of those reasons, but also a hard one for all those reasons. Being away from home for the whole of 2016 made me sad a lot of the time, but I’m turning that into positive experience of appreciating my family, my friends, and the familiarity of home so much more.


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So I feel like I’m coming into 2017 a bit different than last year, and I’m into that.
There’s been a few thoughts flying round my head during these first weeks of January, (see, now it’s Feb. sorry.) and as with a new year comes a new mindset (naturally) so I want to jot it down so it makes more sense.


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I’d like to share one part of my career life which is really going my way – which is being a copywriter for the wonderful Shae Maree. I’ve written some copy for Shae’s website, and more recently been writing for the blog (which you can read here). And I love it. Such a great tone of voice that I can get down with, topics I’m super interested in, and a vision I can get involved in. Plus, writing is my jam. Go check out Shae’s beautiful creations that are often made from recycled materials, it’s a boho dream world.


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I’m also doing some other bits and bobs. Sometimes it feels like I really haven’t got my shit together. Sometimes it feels like the world’s my oyster. But in 2017 I’m all about that Positive Metal Attitude. It’s all gonna be grand. Keep working hard, keep hustling, keep being happy.

Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains 

Mount Victoria is a sleeeeepy sleepy town in the blue mountains, a couple of hours drive outside of Sydney. We went to stay there for a couple of days on a really good groupon deal (highly advise checking it out), where we stayed at Cedar Lodge Cabins for next to nothing.

We arrived on a Monday, only to find that nothing was open. Reminiscent of English or Welsh countryside towns were everything stops in down season, the town is quiet but quaint. 

We went on a couple of hikes – to Mount Piddington (great name) and the famous Wentworth falls. Not tough (for once) but ridiculously beautiful with great views. 

Coupled with a massage and a couple of visits to cafes (all we seem to do nowadays is visit cars for wifi and cake), a great few days out of the city. 

The Grounds, Alexandria. Flowers, food and lots of photos. 

I’d been lusting after this place ever since some photos popped up on Instagram. Blue skies, flower galore, and food in abundance – The Grounds is a place of dreams. 

We went on a Saturday with 8 of our housemates and it was chaos to say the least. So so so busy, we were running around trying to take it all in and avoid the hoards of people. That being said, we managed to get a table in the restaurant pretty sharpish. The food was nice and the company even better. But if you do go to visit I’d say choose a weekday if possible. I’d love to see the place minus a million people. 

BUT it’s a photographers paradise. Or my kinda paradise. The colours… I die. 

Botanicals and the Blue Gum Walk

Who doesn’t love a nice walk on a Sunday? Especially when it’s in the Australian bushland, which turns out to be just an hours train ride from Sydney city centre. Meet Hornsby, where we began the Blue Gum Walk.

Also featured: a couple of flowers in the Botanical Gardens (what more do you expect?) and a sneaky floral from Watson’s bay. 

Goose Fair in Nottingham

Goose Fair is a tradition in Nottingham that I’ve been going to ever since I can remember. The first weekend of October brings… autumn leaves falling from the trees, cold weather, wrapping up in scarves and hats and gloves, hot cups of tea and… the fair!

This year I went with my family including my 6 year old sister, which made it all the more magical. When we were younger the fair seemed the size of the city and as high as mountains. Never ending lights, screams of joy, smells, lovely food, dark but enchanting… when we’re older it definately seems smaller (because we are bigger?!), full of weirdos if I’m honest… but it still has the same nostalgic pull (and I still love it).

This time was also particularly nice for me as it’ll be the last time I go for a while, with my travels looming (3 weeks!!!). We ate mushy peas and mint sauce and peanut brittle (not all at once). Walked around in the cold for hours, went on some sketchy rides… and it was still really great at age 24.

Goose fair photo

Winter Garden

These days when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a screen. I want to read, I want to write, I want to paint, I want to do anything that is paper based and feels real – but that’s how I stay sane as my job means looking at a PC all day. This also means that I take so many photos that never make it onto my laptop, or they do – then they sit there unedited gathering dust for weeks as I can’t face a computer screen in my spare time. Which is sad, as this is what I enjoy doing. This sunday evening I made time. Here are some photos I took in my garden back when it was light past 5pm.Flowers 7Flowers 5Flowers 9Flowers 1Flowers 4Flowers 6Flowers 10 Flowers 8Pegs Flowers 2Flowers 3