Life and times of the sketchbook, Early 2017

I just can’t seem to find my style with art. I’m still experimenting with mediums – First it was the discovery of digital drawing on the iPad, which I loved. Then I was all about the watercolour towards the end of last year. Then I discovered gouache. Then I bought myself some Windsor & Newtown Promarkers at christmas and now I can’t stop using them.


So I’m flexing the creative muscles, still, and trying to find my jam. Maybe it’s a few different mediums, and that’s OK. I know I’m in love with colour, and drawing ladies, and flowers, and that’s all I can work out right now. I really need to take an art class to get grips of techniques, but hey ho, I have the internet.

Here’s a few pages of my sketchbook from the last few weeks, mostly from my newly found marker love (any tips would be greatly appreciated).

The phrase ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway’ comes to mind…

Little lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustrationLittle lupin illustration

p.s. Can you tell I’ve got a thing for pink hair?

Welcome to the bad luck club 

Little lupin bad luck club

So, I’m a superstitious person, yes that’s true. BUT I had not realised the actual power of a broken mirror. I’m now low key freaked out.

Last sunday, I shut my window which had a mirror balancing on the ledge, and it fell and broke much to my dismay (seriously, that little mirror has travelled 12 countries and countless festivals with me). Oh no! 7 years bad luck! My boyfriend laughed it off, little did he know…

Fast forward a week later and there’s been a few mishaps. They say bad luck comes in threes. Well…

little lupin car photo
    1. The car broke down on the way to the great ocean road. It 100% died. On the motorway somewhere random an hour away from Melbourne. We managed to get it to a train station, but of course the train was a coach replacement, and of course it was late, and of course it took twice as long.
    2. I had a beautiful job in a hip little cafe in Fitzroy. They haven’t been that busy though, and therefore I lost that beautiful job. Bye free coffee, bye kimchi pancakes (sob).
    3. To put the icing on the cake… I found a new job working on an apple farm through a lovely friend. I work up yesterday with a swollen face the size of china because I’m allergic to my new job on the apple farm.

little lupin train track

And so.


JOY. All about that PMA though (see prev. post). You’ve got to laugh, or else you’d cry (sobs into cup of tea after dropping a biscuit in it).


Also, I’m not listening to any of the inspirational quotes that say ‘you make your own luck’, or any of that crap. I’m sticking my middle finger up to luck, accepting it’s been a bad week for it, and I’m carrying on.

2017, A job to write about, and some nice photos

Hello world and HELLOOOOO 2017, how are ya you shiny little thing. (It’s now February, and I wrote this in Jan but I’m lazy, so lets just pretend).


Little Lupin converse photoG


So 2016, despite bringing the Earth some (well a lot) of horrors, was a hell of a year for me. I climbed Machu Picchu, travelled a whole lot, lived (still do) in Australia, did some volunteering, learnt some Spanish, decided to be Vegetarian.. the list could go on.


Little lupin photo 2.jpg


It was a fab year for all of those reasons, but also a hard one for all those reasons. Being away from home for the whole of 2016 made me sad a lot of the time, but I’m turning that into positive experience of appreciating my family, my friends, and the familiarity of home so much more.


Little lupin brighton


So I feel like I’m coming into 2017 a bit different than last year, and I’m into that.
There’s been a few thoughts flying round my head during these first weeks of January, (see, now it’s Feb. sorry.) and as with a new year comes a new mindset (naturally) so I want to jot it down so it makes more sense.


little lupin photo 3


I’d like to share one part of my career life which is really going my way – which is being a copywriter for the wonderful Shae Maree. I’ve written some copy for Shae’s website, and more recently been writing for the blog (which you can read here). And I love it. Such a great tone of voice that I can get down with, topics I’m super interested in, and a vision I can get involved in. Plus, writing is my jam. Go check out Shae’s beautiful creations that are often made from recycled materials, it’s a boho dream world.


little lupin photo 4


I’m also doing some other bits and bobs. Sometimes it feels like I really haven’t got my shit together. Sometimes it feels like the world’s my oyster. But in 2017 I’m all about that Positive Metal Attitude. It’s all gonna be grand. Keep working hard, keep hustling, keep being happy.

Art on Instagram, and a blue whale

Whale of a time .PNG

Here’s a little blue whale to brighten your Tuesday!

I decided to take the plunge and create a kind of daily drawing/art diary on Instagram. What’s difficult about this I think, is keeping your eye on your own goals and not getting caught up in the social media storm.

For example… my goal and reason for doing this, is to make sure I draw every day. I want to improve, experiment, and be part of a community – and Instagram I believe is a good way to do this.

The challenge is to focus on the art itself, and not on the amount of likes or followers the account has. This is more for myself than anyone else, and if I can share it with people who enjoy it, that’s a plus side.

It’s early days, but I’m digging it so far.

If you do want to follow me, here I am! 

How to start an art collection: A novice’s guide

So, you like art. Maybe you go to some museums, you read some blogs, you follow some interesting people on Instagram. Maybe you read some books. But where and how do you go about hanging art on your walls? Actual art, not just something printed off sneakily at work from Pinterest, or an ikea postcard of something pretty (guilty on both accounts).

Well, after having a chat with online art platform Invaluable, I started to think a bit more about this. How would I, as an artist, go about creating an art collection? What tips would I give? Where would I begin?

So here you go, my tips on starting an art collection.

1. Firstly, what do we class as art?

Not meaning to get deep on the first subject, but it had to come first really. I have tonnes of shit on my wall – flyers from gigs, coffee shop loyalty cards, stickers from a tattoo shop. These, in my opinion are all art – despite their purpose. To get technical, Art is defined as,

“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

So my first tip would be to collect things that you like. Don’t think that just because someone gave it to you on the street, you can’t frame it and class it as art.

2. Find artists you like

And buy from them directly. I am inspired by a lot of self made artists that I find and follow through Instagram. Many of them work for brands and businesses to make their bread and butter, but they also have a blog, or an online shop where you can buy their original prints. Buying from them directly means that the money goes to them, and it’s a personable, lovely transaction. Plus, you get to keep something really special by an artist you’ve coveted for a while.

Here’s a couple of artists that I am feeling inspired by recently… (you can see the theme of beautiful portraits of ladies, right?)


Image sourced from @andsmilestudio Instagram 

Ella Masters

Image sourced from @_ellamasters_ Instagram 

Laura Bernard

Image sourced from @laurabernard_illustration Instagram 

Emma Block 

Image sourced from @emmablockillustraion Instagram 

The Ink Draw

Image sourced from @theinkdraw Instagram 

3. Antique shops & craft fairs

Browsing antique shops, vintage warehouses and craft fairs are some of my favourite past times. You never know what you’re going to find – and if you go in with an open mind then you never know what is going to catch your eye either. Never mind bagging a bargain, these pieces have more character than you can shake a stick at.

4. The Internet

Now we’re down to the nitty gritty – buying art online. Where, it must be said a lot of people probably begin. You can start small with something like Etsy, or go big with a place like Invaluable. Are you looking for big bucks, famous art – or something personalised, or to shop local? Whatever you want, there is 100% a website for that.

5. Make your own

Get some crayons, paint, paper, felt – whatever tickles your fancy, and carve some time out to be creative. It doesn’t matter if you ‘can’t draw’. Art can be anything your heart so desires (refer to point 2). And isn’t it great to hang your own masterpiece on the wall?

There you go – I hope this inspired you to go out and find some art, build on your current collection… or start one. Art is good for the soul.

Illustrations & inspiration

About that New Years resolution. I’m sticking to it! A watercolour a day for the last month or so (def a work in progress there… Maybe a few more practice weeks before I’ll share them) and some more digital doodles.

Inspired by.. The Pixies / True Romance / a couple of vintage ads / a bear out of nowhere, and a general Sunday feeling. A book (currently reading The bricks that built the houses by Kate Tempest, which is every bit as gritty and poetic as I’d hoped) a cup of tea, socks on, windows open. It’s winter in Sydney but in my mind it’s summer.

Oooh and not to forget the pastel colour palettes. Really into it.


New Years resolutions: From my sketch pad

As with New Years resolutions, they last about a week, yes?

With travelling I thought I’d have so much time to chill out, draw, read… Partly yes. But partly absolutely no way. 17 hour buses, hikes, tours, I’m always tired and although i often have ideas finding the quiet time to execute them is hard.

But equally, I spent a bit of time in Valparaiso around Christmas and I found it so inspiring from an artistic point of view. There is street art EVERYWHERE. It’s incredible. And so I really want to stick to my resolution this year, and to be a more confident artist by the time the year is out.

And so! Here’s some bits from my sketch pad. I’m starting by having obvious references – using designs and photos I like to get by until I can work up my skills to work without the help.

Drew Barrymore looking smokin 
Something for my little sis 
I liked her style 
And I like these colours 

Illustrations and friends

Hola from Chile! We’ve been travelling for two months now through South America, and you can follow those updates at !

Anyhow, before I left I gave myself a project of making postcards for my friends, with illustrations of us on them as a kind of farewell project. I loved doing each and every one! I’ve always loved art and my New Years resolution this year (even though I don’t like them all that much) is to do more art, instead of just liking to look at it.

So here’s a few of the illustrations of myself and my lovely friends…


A little bit of drawing

Hello blog it’s been a long old time.

Lots has been changing in my life! I quit my job to travel the world for a bit. I leave in November to wander around South & Central America for 6 months before heading to Australia to find a job! The closer it gets, the more nervous I am. However the restlessness in my mind won’t go away and now really is the time to explore the world!

Also, I have been training to run the Robin Hood half marathon at the end of September, and whilst doing this I have suffered a fracture in my ankle from running too much. I’ve never broken a bone in my body and it would just be that by trying to make my body better, I’ve made it worse! So I’m on crutches for a couple of weeks.

So because I’ve had to be off my feet, I’ve found more time to do some drawing which I love! Here’s a couple of examples.

Self portrait

Emmy self portrait with flower crown

Happy dog

happy dog illustration

Perfect hair

perfect hair illustration

Just because

less screens more talk