About me

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Hello and welcome! 

I’m Emmy. An illustrator based inbetween London and Nottingham, UK.

Specialising in digital illustrations of the female form, inclusion and positivity. Expect styling to use pastel tones, patterns, fine lines and hand lettering.

I’m taking on commissions and would love to work with you. Drop me a line at,


Selected clients include, 

Wienerin Magazine, Rough Trade, The Debrief, Buzzfeed, Penguin Random House, Bowling For Soup, Hello Sunshine, Frtyfve and more.

A member of,

The Association of Illustrators, Women with Pencils


    1. markpwightwick

      your site has lots of info, how long have you been running your blog, i am surprised you dont have more followers

      1. markpwightwick

        yes i do, i like the content and also how you set it out. do you pay extra to woed press and or do you pay for a theme?

      2. Thankyou! No I don’t pay for a theme (although I wish I could) – I just use a preset theme but fiddle with all of the settings that I can adjust. It’s taken a while to get it to where it is now!

      3. markpwightwick

        well done x , i wish i had your patience !!! well you have motivated me to work on the settings to improve my blog, just shows you what you can do, your blog looks really good

      4. Thanks I really appreciate it! At least the hard work means it looks good to someone other than me 🙂 yes have a read of some tutorials and browse the themes, see what you can do 🙂

      5. markpwightwick

        no not yet but i think i will now, 🙂

      6. markpwightwick

        i see you are from Bournemouth! we are in Bournemouth, at the moment we are living at Castlepoint ! i will be following your blog to see what you get up to, if you have any ideas how Vicky and I can improve our blog we would be please to hear your views,

      7. I’m from Nottingham but yes I go to university in Bournemouth and I will be living down there from September 🙂 got to love the beach! Brilliant I will do the same 🙂

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