New Years resolutions: From my sketch pad

As with New Years resolutions, they last about a week, yes?

With travelling I thought I’d have so much time to chill out, draw, read… Partly yes. But partly absolutely no way. 17 hour buses, hikes, tours, I’m always tired and although i often have ideas finding the quiet time to execute them is hard.

But equally, I spent a bit of time in Valparaiso around Christmas and I found it so inspiring from an artistic point of view. There is street art EVERYWHERE. It’s incredible. And so I really want to stick to my resolution this year, and to be a more confident artist by the time the year is out.

And so! Here’s some bits from my sketch pad. I’m starting by having obvious references – using designs and photos I like to get by until I can work up my skills to work without the help.

Drew Barrymore looking smokin 
Something for my little sis 
I liked her style 
And I like these colours 

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