What’s the time?

I’ve got a new watch.

I’ve had about 27 watches in my lifetime, and none of them were quite right. It’s a big problem. That problem is now SOLVED with a big huge hurrah thank you to Olivia Burton. You are the watch makers of dreams (in my mind).

I’ve had silver antique style ones, square ones, a retro casio, a gold one and a few charity shop ones amongst my watch collection; but I always felt that they didn’t always match my outfits. Or they made my arm look fat (such a girl). Or they slipped up and down my wrist, or they were too tight, or the face was too small, too big…. this list goes on.

At the end of the day you wear a watch every day, and it tell you the time – which is an important job; so it has to be a safe investment, like a polite friend who is always by your side to remind you to get a move on, or you’ve got 5 more minutes to relax.

Anyway, I’ve found that friend I can put my trust in. Olivia Burton watches are just the right size face, with a quality leather strap. It fit’s my wrist, and it never sends it green. Simple yet effective, a touch of vintage, a touch of class. Happy lady. You can see more here. Mine was the rose gold big dial with the black strap, which you can see here. I wear a lot of silver jewellery, so I was worried the gold would be a problem, but it’s very subtle so no problems there.

Now, what’s the time…?

olivia burton watch

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