Mixed messages

Parkinsons UK ran this ‘Mixed Messages’ campaign in 2012 through both outdoor and print. These messages adorned billboards and ran in newspapers, supported by digital and social media.

Currently the importance of advertising and design for important issues other than consumerism is really hitting me. I may be late on the highlighting of these designs in particular, however I’m very impressed with the creativity behind delivering this message. The fact that Parkinsons affects the little things in people’s lives is maybe something that is overlooked, and Parkinson’s itself is not as widely known a disease as you may have thought. The Assembly Network (London) who worked on these ads have definitely delivered this message in a clear and creative way.

The art direction and colour scheme in the photography is also a job well done. With the colour pallette being bright but slightly dimmed, lighting a little dark but with those bright colours showing through. E.g. The blue of the sock, the yellow of the tie. The fact that some of the squares are blurred. All a pretty mess, however distorted and chaotic.


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