Spontaneous Pastel Hair


So the last few weeks have been quite mental. I’m finishing my internship in 2 days, managed to secure myself two jobs (one of which I’m planning to quit, night shifts are not for me) and for some reason I spontaneously decided to dye my hair pink.

I’m easily bored. The spontaneous and tenacious parts of my personality (as recently described by my boss) both feed me and hand me my downfall. As any creatively brained person may understand, my need to keep busy, change often, do something new and challenging everyday; is a great way to live but it can also be tiring. The tiredness comes and I’ll have a rest period, then I’ll get frustrated with boredom and end up doing something spontaneous without thinking too much about it – like bleaching my hair to make it pink.

I loooove the pastel hair trend, and I’ve dreamed dreams of candyfloss, lilac and baby blue hair mixed with glitter many a day. However to achieve it really isn’t that easy.

So I had dark red/brown hair beforehand, however the ends were abit lighter from a previous dip-dye escapade.

I used these dyes: Image

These were both purchased from tesco, however you can probably get them in most department/beauty stores.

Now a serious note – the Bblonde hair lightener does NOT contain enough mixture for anyone with a fair amount of hair. I used one whole pack on my roots only (!!!) and I then had to walk around with orange hair for a day before I bought 4 more bleach sachets and a bottle of peroxide. What. A Disaster.

I have shoulder length hair but it is very thick – in the end i used the equivalent of 4 of these lightening packs to bleach all of my hair. Be warned.

All of my hair didn’t lighten to the colour preferred. I had white roots where it had dyed virgin hair, a slightly orange halo after that, then blonde where there was existing bleach from before on the ends. So all in all it wasn’t a complete success.

Next step, pink. With the pink dye, I mixed around 3/4 of the pink creme dye into a whole bottle of cheap conditioner and mixed it together. This you can then keep to top up your hair as the pink fades.

All in all the result wasn’t bad – I’ve still got a yellow tint and my hair is more apricot coloured! However I’m armed with a toner, silver shampoo, and a deep conditioning mask (which I’d advise to keep your hair as un-straw like as possible!)

Here is the final result…


Blood, sweat and many tears went into this… however after a few washes it is looking more pastelly and pink than ever. 🙂

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