Colour Lovers

We should create more art. No excuses – use your time wisely, right?

These pieces have lifted me this week, thinking of summer and colour pallettes. It’s strange how different art styles appeal to you at different times in your life. This time for me, bright colours and untechnical – quite like my hectic/unorganised/colourful life at the mo.

3e61083c5c43cb2580ca059985433a4f 08f6b03bd97f434c6502cb6dbf0f98ea 66ece8172f536162defd7ab7da8fd475 79d070d191b5369cfd0293e642ae9831 8322303b727c9a1935104893b5d68af2 68048c6d366d9a004486fdb65bfb32ea 9838801d1e7b9bc49b21a5078e0f07ad

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