FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out

Today, I bought myself some flowers. Anyway.


I recently read a blog post here on life without Facebook, and here about Facebook & Smartphone user habits, and it got me thinking, not in a good way.

I really am a social media junkie and I both hate it and love it. The thing is with social media, it’s all the instant gratification we need in this world to make our little heads bigger and our little hearts weaker. When I’m bored, I’m scrolling Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram looking for something interesting to take up my time (being honest, I rarely find anything worthwhile). Whilst sometimes it provides me with inspiration, other days it just makes me feel fed up.

I spend time both on my own and with my friends Facebook stalking (now I know you do it too) people I haven’t seen in years, to see what they’re up to. Facebook distracts me from being productive. I check it in the morning. I’ve seen people delete their statuses if they don’t get many likes, and posting it on Twitter instead. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

It’s simple human nature – we all want to be loved, we all want to be liked, we all want to look more interesting and essentially cooler than the next person. ‘Hey, I’m here doing this and it’s really fun.’ The worst thing is, people posting multiple FB statuses when they’re on Holiday – Chill. Out. I have one Facebook friend (loosely speaking) that has been known to post 5 statuses in one day about the same thing. Do you really think everyone needs to know, that many times, that you are going home for Easter?

I know this looks like a rant, and to an extent is it. I am guilty – posting a status, or a photo on Instagram, or a tweet, or a blog post (cough) that gets likes from other people makes you feel better. I’m not talking about soppy/attention seeking things, I’ve got no time for that. However if you’ve genuinely got something interesting to say, why not say it?

What I’m trying to say here is that the Fear Of Missing Out should not be greater than the fear of doing. If you didn’t log on to Facebook for one day, the world will not end. You will not have missed out on anything significant, because surely your real friends have your phone number, and would ring you if it really was that important. Social media is a big part of my job, and many days I feel I can’t switch off. Today needs to be one of those days.

My 4 year old sister can use my iPhone better than I can, and I dread to think how many social media platforms there will be when she is my age. The internet has made self expression available to the masses, with 7? 8? billion people on Earth, how much of that content is really worthwhile? hypocritical, I know.

Anyway. Go outside, read a book, talk to someone, find somewhere that doesn’t contain a screen and do something, instead of reading about other people doing something.

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