A busy girls lipstick review: Revlon Matte

So I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but it’s better late than never! A bit of a difference to red, a nice nude/light pink lipstick that’s good for daytime wear or nightime w/ smokey eye. Yum.

revlon lipstick review


What is it?

lip 3

How is the application?

  • Very easy to applicate, almost like a lipbalm. As the colour is so light, a few coats can be applied however it is more a thick than thin texture.

From 9-5:

lip 2 lip

  • This has staying power baby! If anything, this lipstick looks better after a few hours. However it does need reapplying quite often to keep the pigment strong – this felt so much like a lipbalm that I kept rubbing my lips together, which isn’t a bad thing. However since it isn’t a bright colour, it’s easier to forget to reapply as it’s not as noticeable.

End of the day:


  • Looking a bit feeble and un-noticable now, but I hadn’t reapplied in a while. The key to this lippy is to keep applying it to keep the pigment true.


  • Lovely, easy, one swipe and we’re go.


  • 7/10
  • Pros: Very moisturising! This felt like it was doing my lips good, and they didn’t feel dried out at the end of the day. Also there is little to no bleed, and it stays on your LIPS instead of things like glasses, clothes, other people’s lips (depending on what you’re doing).
  • Cons: I felt the pigment could have been stronger, a bit pinker.

If you’re looking for a nude/pink that is flattering and easy to wear, I’d definately go for this. The Revlon Matte range itself is awesome and they have a good red & coral that I am a proud owner of too.


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