10 tips to surviving as an intern

intern tipsintern tips

10 things I haven learnt whilst on placement. Simple things, common sense, agency type, work type things. Things that make you feel abit better if you are an intern and feel the world is against you

1. Keep ALL RECIEPTS. You never know what you can claim on expenses.Equally, if you want to claim for that milk you bought and you haven’t got the receipt, no can do.
2. Learn quickly how everyone likes their tea/coffee/hot blackcurrent/hot chocolate/whatever.
3. DONT DELETE ANYTHING. And if you do, pray there is a back up.
4. Double, triple, quadruple check your emails for spelling, and don’t miss out things like subject lines and attachments whilst you’re scrutinizing your grammar.
5. Perfect your telephone voice and learn the extension numbers.
6. Budget your money. If, like me you’re working below minimum wage or even for free as an intern, it is tough. I don’t have the time to have a part time job, or I definitely would (and the tax probably wouldn’t be worth it). But after 8 months I’ve realised that if I walk from town (25 mins) instead of getting the tram (15 mins), I’ll save myself £45 a month. Be wise – do you really need that £4 sushi at lunch? Or could you bring something from home?
7. Learn to get ready in half an hour. Dry shampoo, messy hair, foundation, mascara, done. (extra 20 mins in bed, bliss).
8. Do EVERYTHING anyone asks you to do. You may begin by doing boring jobs, but the more you get good at them the more you will be asked to do.
9. Speak up. I really wanted to get some creative under my belt, and by expressing this, I managed to do some photography, copywriting and assisting with art direction.
10. It’s not forever. One day you might have an intern, and to get there you must be one. Suck it up and make the most of it!

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