My week in pictures


New year, new start, blah blah blah.

My aim this year is simply to have a GOOD year. Be happy, do things that make me happy and be positive.

Firstly! Here are my favourite christmas & sales purchases. Above, Urban Outfitters ‘Staring At Stars Loose Crepe Print Dress’ is a steal at £25. It fits nicely and although online it looks blue and red online, it’s actually more purple. It makes me feel hippy-ish when paired with tights and boots, and it also has me thinking of summer festivals. you can see it, here.


Secondly: sales calls for shoes. These ‘Puzzle Platforms’ from ASOS were a bit of a sneaky buy for me, as I was unsure what they would be like when they arrived; they looked slightly weird online. One side is metallic and the other black, and the quirky strap is larger on the inside of the shoe. However they came on time, extremely comfortable (I wore them on NYE) and the block heel makes them perfect to walk in. Higher than I expected, but the platform makes it okay. You can find them, here.


Next up is my fav christmas present. Antique looking watch, need I say any more. It is beautiful! Also, I’ve heard it’s from ebay. I’d been hankering after a nice watch I could wear every day. Big faced watched annoy me; little ones are too flimsy and I always had a problem matching coloured ones to my clothes. At last, I have one that suits me!


These books are another favourite. Classic books, vintage style cover design. They are lovely. From Waterstones; these books not only are fantastic reads, they will also look cool on your coffee table.


Lastly, new year, new tea. I’m now drinking Camomile tea from the lovely Teapigs; whos teabags contain the actual camomile flowers and no crushed chemical nonsense. I will be serine, caffine free and detoxed in 2013!

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