Questionable behaviour.


Has social media gone mad? Platforms may see each other as competition, yes. However the recent spat between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram seems to be getting out of hand; confusing and un-user friendly for their customers.

  1. Instagram & Twitter cut off the option to ‘find friends’ through each other’s platforms; yes we can deal with that.
  2. Instagram launched web profiles – hurrah!
  3. Instagram (Facebook?) cuts off all ties with Twitter, and you can no longer embed/share your Instagram photos via twitter. Not hurrah – this is annoying, and leaves us to use twitpic instead.
  4. Twitter roll out filters options when you upload a photo: take that Instagram.
  5. NOW Instagram have changed their privacy laws and have decided to allow themselves rights to your images without paying you or telling you if they’ve been used. So you’ll be wandering down the street then WHAM that lovely picture of your Starbucks with the Christmas lights in the background is being used on a billboard. That’s not likely to happen however it is worth pointing out that amongst the millions of photos of food and one direction, there are some good photographers on Instagram.

The question is: why all the sneakiness? Facebook cannot be everything; as much as it is trying. We are questioning today in the office whether Facebook’s ownership of Instagram is essentially to fizzle out the competition. A multitude of Instagram users will be deleting their accounts now that they feel betrayed by Instagram’s new license agreement; so it wouldn’t be a surprise if friendly Facebook has turned out to be a foe. There is no opt-out option; leaving us with no other alternative than to delete our accounts in order to keep our privacy. The constant changing, swapping, buying and tit for tat has left an awkward difference between the social media platforms; denying their users to do what they set out to do: share.

Social media is evolving, but currently I can’t be sure if it’s melting into a mess taken over by money and power. Isn’t everything?

*Image from Pinterest

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