The Pre-Internet shoe & campaign

Diesel have re-launched their best selling ‘YUK’ shoe from 1993. A time that was pre-internet, pre-sharing, pre-liking. A time when photographs were on paper, a wall needed wallpaper and no one knew what you were eating with dinner unless they were dining with you.

As much as the digital age has bought about innovation throughout different markets, making the world faster; it has also given us (I am guilty) FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Which means whilst friends are together they’re also on their phones, Facebook is used at the table and everyone seems to have hundreds of ‘friends’. I have 631 people on my friends list on Facebook. I have probably got about 30 people I would call friends. I could write a whole post on this topic, so I will stop now before it turns into a social media tangent.

Anyhow. This is the way of life now and as my 3 year old sister knows how to use an iPhone better than I do, it’s here to stay. But Diesel are hailing back to the old days with an old school shoe that screeches of pre-internet.

They’re right on time. Retro/vintage is right on trend and the coolest of cool will no doubt be wandering around with these shoes on their feet soon. The campaign’s colour scheme and typography screams of the 90s – I really like the design of the campaign. However will their customers actually be able to go through with the pre-Internet task?

In order to win a pair of ‘YUK’ shoes Diesel are proposing customers switch off from social media for 3 days. No Facebook. No twitter. No Instagram. Could you do it?

Have a gander here:

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