L’Odyssee de Cartier: Dazzling.


To celebrate the 165th year of Cartier’s heritage, Cartier have produced a three and a half minute ‘advert’, or more aptly named ‘short film’ The video is a showcase of Cartier’s previous history, taking their iconic Leopard on a walk through snow covered mountains, China and Paris in a surreal luxury world that encapsulates the brand. The advert is  rapt with symbolism with a Leopard breaking out of crystals,a large gold dragon silloutted against a stormy sky, a palace riding on the back of a giant elephant and ending in the Leopard joining his female, red silk wearing counterpart; who walk frostily surrounded by smoke into a jewellery box. This enchanting advert is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The advert takes up the whole three and a half minute slot that would usually be filled with 30 second after 30 second ads that consumers often flick over; however the brand and execution of this video enchants the audience enough to keep them glued to the screen for the whole of the airtime. A movie in it’s own right, with the heritage to back it up.

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