Three Little Pigs


Hello open journalism. This week bought us one hot topic in Ad world – BBH’s ‘Three Little Pigs’ campaign for the Guardian. An advert it would be a crime not to blog about. The mixture of elements makes this advert one of the most appealing and mind blowing anyone has seen for a while. The fact that old media newspapers are, admittedly a dying breed with the ongoing and increasing digital media available for news. News is available faster, better, more dynamic and broader from vehicles such as Twitter and mobile/iPad apps. Instead of sticking to paper format and riding it out until failure, the Guardian has stood up and accepted the multiple platforms that news is now available in with open arms.The metaphor behind the ad is brilliant, as is the fast paced, almost movie esque adaptation of an old fairytale. Without sounding too cliche, lets hope this is the beginning of what should be a fairytale end for the Guardian.

2 thoughts on “Three Little Pigs

  1. I love this advert too – particularly the storytale element to it, which makes it much more memorable. I have only seen the 2 minute version so would be interesting to see how it works in a shorter slot.

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