Superbowl & ‘The Bark Side’

Brilliant Volkswagen series of ads ready for this years superbowl. Last years ‘The Force’ advert by Volkswagen was voted one of consumers top ads in 2011, and they’re carrying on with the Star Wars theme this year, and they’re just as good. They’re playing on a little bit of humour, a little bit of intertextualisation, and a little bit of the everyday. Superbowl advertising space is one of the most expensive in the year, therefore competition amongst brands and agencies alike is rife. 58% of women alone admitting they watch the Superbowl just for the adverts, and with H&M and a near naked David Beckham being one of Volkswagen’s competitors this year, it’s tough. However VW’s latest ads are in my opinion, likely to bring a smile to the millions of Superbowl fans faces; even if they don’t like dogs or Star Wars.



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