How much does your time cost?

Money spent on marketing: £0. Marketing worth: £1million.



The Mentos intern used so many platforms of social media that he got himself on live TV, in magazines.. you name it, his face was on it. And all for free! Social media provides us with the ability to network ourselves into a frenzy, if you want to. However it may appear free, the age old question reappears.. is anything in life really free?

No, not really. Mentos at the time may not have had to pay their intern, however even if they didn’t he would have to spend money to get into work. He payed by his face being plastered all over other people’s blogs, and everywhere online. Mentos paid by having him front their brand. He paid in his time, and other people’s time who took their time to email and phone him. Yes, everyone paid for the coverage.

However it did work. The Mentos intern got to where he wanted to be, had fun, and didn’t do much of what most interns do..make tea.

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