One last Kodak moment

Image‘you press the button, we’ll do the rest’ was George Eastman’s slogan back in 1888 when he first put a handheld camera into someone’s hands, and a complicated process became readily accessable to the masses. Eastman’s goal was to make photography as ‘convenient as the pencil’; and here we are today when it really is just that, digital cameras, SLRs, smartphones, photography’s everywhere for those who want to use it.

And then in January 2012, Kodak files for bankruptcy. It’s Eastman’s goal that brings Kodak’s 133 year old business to an end. Kodak made their money from selling film, and now with digital in abundance no one needs to print. Kodak moved away from cameras into printers over the years and yet it still isn’t enough. Canon are still making it into the top 100 brands to date, so photography isn’t out. Kodak stated that in 1992 they could have released their first digital camera, but they didn’t due to the fear that it would cannibalise film.

20 years later, it’s a sad day time for Kodak and Kodak lovers. I’ve just bought my second Kodak digital camera and I love it; however I suppose they were right about the cannibalisation of film. Print photography is now novelty, Kodak can R.I.P in knowing they moved photography forward.



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