Staying Alive #hardandfast

Integration at it’s best – clever, and for a good cause. British Heart Foundation using Vinnie Jones, well known hard man to help save lives, brilliant. The ‘staying alive’ song however ironic it may be actually is the perfect amount of compressions for hands only CPR. It’s surprising how many people wouldn’t know this – I didn’t until a long discussion with medically trained housemates. You’ll remember it, because of the joint irony of the song and celebrity endorsement that goes with it. You can download a mobile app, buy the t-shirt, and get trained. You can ‘Ask Vinnie’ on the BHF website, which teaches you how to do CPR in detail incase you might need help. You can get social on twitter and facebook, read the blog, sign a petition and buy the music. Multiple different mediums but the same message – ‘It’s not as hard as lit looks’. Advertising to help people, we like that BHF.

On that note, I’m running a 10k race for the British Heart Foundation. It’s going to prove difficult with training started this week, blisters galore and aching legs; but it feels good to be doing something productive and helping raise money for an important cause at the same time. It’s amazing what a little bit of determination can do.

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